Klashnekoff @ the Moon Club, Cardiff


Klashnekoff on stage at the Moon Club, Cardiff on Weds, March 12

A HEAVYWEIGHT UK MC headliner, solid local support and reasonably priced £7 advance tickets. What could go wrong?

The crowd. Nothing wrong with those that were there, it’s just they probably numbered less than 100. The Moon Club was far from anywhere near full and felt a little flat – more like a crescent moon just not awe inspiring.

Klashnekoff tried his best to hype things up, taking the standard declaration as he took the stage, of ‘I love Cardiff,’ up a notch with ‘I want to rent a flat here’.

Accommodation issues aside, Klashnekoff appeared uncertain of what to do and constantly asked what songs he should perform. This would probably work in the small intimate Moon Club during a packed out show but not on Wednesday when at one point K’lash even had to reprimand the solitary barman for making too much noise.

A good song book and performer is never going to go to waste though and K’lash was confident enough those who came out knew his lyrics and was happy at times to stay silent on the mic and let the heads finish his verses.

UK hip hop has always stayed closer than US artists have to the music’s roots in reggae and K’lash’s songs, samples and influences are rooted in the British/Jamaican culture he grew up in.

Stand out track was his ‘Son of Niya’ which is built on Sizzla’s ‘Be Strong’. Reminding the crowd that’s he’s long in the game K’lash introduced his breakthrough anthem, ‘Murda’ with a reminder it is now 10 years old, ‘from (cable station) Channel U days’.

After 45 mins K’lash was happy to pull out the ‘one more’ tease and let rip with his ‘Clear My Throat’ freestyle, demonstrating the vibrancy he can bring to a show, which never really kicked into gear on a quiet Wednesday night.

Building the crowd wasn’t helped by an ill chosen track from support acts Joe Blow and 4Dee. Rapping about ‘fishcake bitches, that love the way dick tastes bitches’ only seemed to lead to the four or five women in the audience heading for the exit, despite the MCs’ explanation before hand that it wasn’t about ‘any ladies here tonight’ before ranting the opening line ‘let me tell you about females’.

The fact they felt they couldn’t perform it without first issuing an apology suggests they secretly knew they shouldn’t have performed a song that was presumably written in the midst of a very bitter break up.

Otherwise the local veterans and other support acts, including Joe Dirt, gave strong performances.

This was Rockpie Promotions’ first hip hop gig at The Moon since the sell out Akala show last December, hopefully a disappointing attendance won’t stop them from staging more.


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