Misty In Roots @ The Globe, Cardiff

REPUTATION can be a powerful thing as was evident as Misty In Roots took to the stage for a low-key Sunday evening gig at Cardiff’s intimate Globe.

Misty In Roots frontman Poko centre stage

Misty In Roots frontman Poko centre stage

The Southall reggae band have been together since the 1970s while the Roath venue, over the past four years, has played host to an impressive roster of classic reggae acts. On Sunday the reputation of both ensured a healthy crowd had assembled at the converted Albany Road cinema to greet one of British reggae’s most enduring acts. The July 6 gig had been announced at the Yellowman and Dillinger show in February but it had slipped my mind until 24 hours earlier when my brother received a call and his Love & Harmony Sounds were booked as DJ support.

While I’m obviously biased, and more so due to a very brief stint myself at the controls, Love & Harmony had the crowd singing along to their trademark selection of classic and new roots to prepare the way for Misty.

Championed by the late Radio One DJ John Peel and having built their reputation on the ‘Rock Against Racism’ live circuit in the 70s and 80s Misty have garnered a following from wider than the UK reggae scene, of which with Steel Pulse and Aswad they are pioneers, that has surely helped ensure they survive as a touring act today.

Their classic roots sound and cultural lyrics remain undiminished while the extended guitar licks and soulful stylings reveal a band formed and developed within wider musical influences.

Reno (left) and Candyman of Love & Harmony Sounds

Reno (left) and Candyman of Love & Harmony Sounds

The veterans played for over an hour on Sunday, and the eight-piece, including a live horns section, had barely shuffled off the small stage before crowding back on for a long encore.

Misty as a solid touring act, who in 1985 played the amazingly Soviet sounding World Youth Rally in Moscow, are back on road and are due in North Wales this weekend.

For more information on Love & Harmony hit up their Facebook page here.

The next reggae show at the Globe is Culture and the Rasites on Friday, August 22.


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