An email, a pub quiz and the Al Jazeera three

“I got a letter from the government/the other day/I opened and read it/It said they were suckers/They wanted me for their army or whatever/Picture me givin’ a damn – I said never”

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Peter Greste (R) and Canadian-Egyptian Mohamed Fahmy (L) inside the defendants’ cage at the police institute near Cairo’s Tora prison

CHUCK D’s defiant blast launching Public Enemy’s ‘Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos’ are the lyrics that form one of the greatest opening verses of any song.

In typically uncompromising style Chuck ain’t bending, regardless of his opponent’s position of apparent strength. As ever speaking truth to power holds no fear for Chuck.

I got my own letter, via email, not from the government but a previous UK Prime Minister’s chief spokesman and rather than the army he wanted me for his pub quiz team. Continue reading