News at two

TWO notifications that caught my attention this week were alerts about my digital footprint. One was a reminder I’d started this blog in January 2014, the other a post I’d shared on Facebook three or four years ago.

Diggin' in the crates, and one of the "most influential albums" in my collection

Diggin’ in the crates, and one of the “most influential albums” in my collection

I was aware the second anniversary of this blog was coming up while the Facebook reminder of what was a popular, with my friends at least, survey of how many of the “100 most influential albums” I owned reminded me of one of the reasons I eventually went ahead and began publishing my own blog.

As my about page explains I already produce enough words a week as a newspaper journalist, but writing a blog would give me the opportunity to share and expand on the things that most interest me.

I’d previously shied away from doing so as I was unsure if I’d really have the time or enough material. As I gave it more thought I realised there were plenty of things to write about, such as the time I owned all four album I wanted to from a list of 100 someone else had deemed to be “the most influential”.

Eventually enough of these thoughts, from my views on television programmes to journalism, kept turning around my head to convince me I would have something to write about on a fairly regular basis – although I don’t believe the blog has actually reflected my initial ideas of what I would find to write about.

The TV did lead to my first post about the Guiness advert airing in the UK at the time. The post contains lots of links to other articles, as I originally thought I’d use the blog to sign post to things I found interesting.

A second post, a preview of the 2014 Super Bowl soon followed. However I decided rather than adding an extra few hundred words, to the thousands or millions already published on events covered elsewhere I’d try to keep writing from a personal perspective.

However American Football would still provide me with the most popular post on my blog and the second most popular.

Writing about sports teams is a good hint for building an audience as they tend to have a large community who will read and share your posts.

Many of my 2014 posts were read more often in 2015 than the year I first published them, but my most popular post of last year was an interview I’d written, and which was first published, nearly 20 years ago.

Running the blog has also led to some interesting and enjoyable interactions with other bloggers and people with similar interests on social media as well as the opportunity to contribute articles to an American Football website, The Growth of a Game.

It’s also interesting to see where readers are from, with most in the UK, followed by the United States and France.

And while nearly all of my posts are my favourite for a particular reason, I think this is the one I’m most proud of as though I don’t like to brag or boast I think it’s the best written. As ever, judge for yourselves.


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