News at Twm – Beats, sports and life

DSC03333“I write for a fee, not for free

Maybe I’ll do it for charity”

Ha -ha, I’m Twm, long-time weekly newspaper journalist, so I do get paid to write about all that’s newsworthy to a defined geographic area – but this is my personal blog.

It may not pay but when I’ve got something to say about music, sport and the handy catch-all that’s life, this is where I’ll write about it (possibly including my work and journalism in general from time to time).

I’m just saying how I feel. If you agree, disagree or have something to say don’t hold back – make a comment.

Some legal stuff, disclaimers and what not: All content is copyright Twm Owen (unless otherwise stated)  – if you want to use it just ask. All views mine, correct at time of going to press and unlikely to change and even less likely to be shared by employers (any of ’em).

Hit me up: twmowen AT hotmail . com

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