Fighting Irish weary of history repeating itself in the Holy War

Notre Dame unseated top ranked Clemson last weekend and now face Boston College 

Boston College wide receiver Zay Flowers Pic @BCFootball

NOTRE DAME has one of the most illustrious histories in college football but this Saturday will be weary of history repeating itself when it travels to Boston. 

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Election and Covid cast a shadow over college football

College football has already featured in the election campaign and the sport is no longer ignoring the political contest

COULD college football play a decisive role in this Tuesday’s US Presidential election? The sport was dragged into the political battleground due to coronavirus which this week struck its biggest star.

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The SEC: football’s ‘best conference’ tells the history of the South

This Saturday BT ESPN coverage features three games from the SEC ‘the best conference’ which tells the history of the old South

SATURDAYS in the South matter because it is where college football matters as do its traditions and customs but when does holding on to the past become a barrier to progress?

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A college football season like no other

America’s college football season is available to view on BT Sport in the UK – here’s what you need to know

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Tigers V Mets, Cardiff’s first American Football derby 30 years on

Thirty years ago this week an American Football game took place in Cardiff that had been three years in the making.

THE South Wales Echo announced “the match all Cardiff’s American Football fans have been waiting for” would finally happen. The original team in Wales, the Cardiff Tigers, for the first time, were to face the club formed by a splinter of Tigers, the Cardiff Mets. Continue reading