Taking a chance with Glyn Mathias

YOU don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone or so it seems to go – which is why I was pleased to take the opportunity to interview former ITN and BBC Wales political editor and Brecon resident Glyn Mathias.GlynBook

The veteran journalist, who has just published his autobiography, is one of quite a few high-profile characters to have lived in Brecon and the surrounding area. I wrote stories about the deaths of both Sir Bernard Ashley, widower of the fashion designer Laura, and Lord Tom Bingham, the former Lord Chief Justice and senior Law Lord, who lived at Boughrood near Brecon for some 40 years until his death.  On both occasion I regretted not writing about these people earlier, specifically before they died and were still within easy reach of my office. Continue reading

A tribute to Tony Benn

TELL anyone you’re a journalist and they’ll soon ask about famous people you’ve met or interviewed. While there are usually a few names you can reel off it’s more than simply a cliché to say the most satisfying aspect of the job is meeting everyday people with extraordinary stories. Embed from Getty Images

That’s not to say however that hacks aren’t excited about the sort of close encounters with the rich and famous that can come your way in the job. Nearly three years ago I was lucky enough to interview Tony Benn, the veteran left-wing campaigner and former MP, who died last Friday, March 14 aged 88. That interview is re-produced at the bottom of this post. Continue reading